About Me

My full name is Veronica but I like when people call me Vero. I’m eighteen and I’m from Argentina. I used to make lots of gifs but now I just do some once in a while because my precious little girlfriend love of my life other half owner of my heart old computer died and the one I have now… well. May her soul forever rest in peace.

Important things:

  • I tag pretty much everything I post so if you don’t like something from this list  just blacklist it.
  • I do like other things but I don’t post anything of them or I rarely do.
  • If you wanna know more about my personality, go here. Those are the posts that explain myself better than anything.
  • If you disagree with this post get out of my blog. 
  • Alsooo… please don’t ask me to follow you because it’s really awkward if I don’t want to.

PSST. I don’t think you want to go there but if you do want to go there click the blue bird and you’ll be there. There.  

Oh and one last thing (why not?): thanks for reading this!